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10 Reasons to be a Freelance Journalist

How to Write articles and get paid for your work!

There are, of course, many more than 10 good reason to become a freelance journalist and writer, however, the ones selected for this article are of particular importance for anybody who is seriously considering this vocation.

You can make a lot of money sitting at home with your computer writing articles, stories, and even books for publication in the media. This article gives you a broad outline.

Does Your Website Have Teamwork?

Get Your Website in the Premier League!

In football, it is not necessarily the teams with the best or most expensive players, but the teams that work well together under all conditions that invariably win the trophies. On the Internet, there are millions of Websites with quite a number of excellent marketing features.

However, in all too many instances, they tend to work against each other and produce negative results. All the features have to integrate and coordinate exactly like a winning football team, if your Website is going to win the match and produce a positive result.

What They Don’t Tell You About Website Traffic

Discover how to avoid costly mistakes...

I have lost count of the number of free and purchased eBooks I have downloaded on the subject of Website Traffic, and not one of them so much as touches on the most important problem of all, never mind offer some solutions. In this article we discover exactly what it is that you need to know!

What Important Feature Is Missing From Your Headlines?

It is the feature that makes them read your Copy!

You may get 10,000 visitors to your Website, and perhaps 2% of them interact and complete one of your forms, allowing you to add them to your mailing list. However, the 98% who leave your Website, usually within the first few seconds of arrival, will never knowingly return.

Your headline is the feature that mostly influences your visitor to read on or leave immediately, because when they read those large, bold words at the top of your page, they decide whether your Website has something they want.

The Secrets of Life - Explained!

Do you know how old you really are?

Who am I? What am I? There are so many questions on this age old subject and this article, written in the form of a letter, goes a long way to answering them.

It explains in simple language how to change the person you see in your mirror each day, and if you're unhappy with what you see, you can change it. No operations, no exercise, no magic diets, just a simple plan.