Build Your Own Garden Deck And Save Money!

This manual is a blueprint for building your garden deck...

The Complete Decking Builder's Manual

"The Complete Decking Builder’s Manual” is published to show you how to design and build new decking. A well-designed deck will effectively add many extra square metres to your living area the year round, substantially add to the value of your home, provide a play area for adults and children alike, and help solve problem lawns that struggle in winter and summer.

Many of the craftsmen who have contributed to this eBook are members of trade associations such as: The Guild of Master Craftsmen, The Timber Decking Association, and the Buy With Confidence Council. All of which ensures you can build your deck to a similar high standard of work and care, while keeping your eye on important features like safety and beauty.

“The Complete Decking Builder’s Manual” will help you to make huge savings on your garden decking project. You can now take advantage of the numerous building techniques to design a timber deck around the key features of your home and garden to your own personal specification.

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Build your Perfect Deck!

After 15 years of designing and building decks of every type and size, Master Craftsman and bestselling author, Andrew M. Hunt reveals his decking secrets! In “The Complete Decking Builder’s Manual”, there are photos and diagrams on all types of decking project:

  • How to build a wooden deck in hardwood, softwood, or composite
  • A large railed deckPrepare the chosen site for the decking with ease
  • Build high decks or raised decks and decks with curves
  • The tools and equipment you will need in order to build professional decks
  • You can build multi-level decks and lay decking boards in unique patterns
  • Discover exactly how to support decking joists and when to use beams and posts
  • Building simple steps for decking projects
  • How to best attach the decking boards to the sub-frame
  • How to securely attach a sub-frame to prevent movement in the deck
  • How to design a deck that is attached to your house or free-standing
  • All types of garden, pool, and hot-tub decking
  • Available software to help in the design of your deck
  • Tips on spacing the joists for best performance and long-life for your decking
  • The best way to prevent weeds from growing beneath your deck

...and much more!

You are taken through every stage of planning, designing, and building your own garden decking from start to finish. The eBook has countless beautiful colour photos of completed decks to give you plenty of ideas for your garden.

There are also detailed photographs and drawings of the various stages of building genuine decks for real customers. These diagrams will show you exactly how to build your deck and the pitfalls to avoid.

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  • Title: The Complete Decking Builder's Manual
  • Publisher: Power Business Publishing.
  • Author: Andrew M. Hunt
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-907014-01-7
  • Category: Business Manual — Homes/Gardens
  • Edition: First Edition
  • Format: eBook, PDF
  • Price: £19.95 (Available today at only £4.95)




Some Reader's Comments

The following is a small selection of reviews of the eBook from readers worldwide:

  • learn How to Build Decking

    “I found your Website and eBook in 2006. I couldn't have built the deck with out the information that you provided. Thank you!.”…Nick & Marisca, Greece

  • "Your "Garden Decking" eBook was the inspiration and it was a great help through every stage; from initial design to final finishing touches! …Stue Watson, Berkshire UK

  • “We have built our deck and your eBook certainly did give us some great ideas and a lot of help in construction. We found the photographs impressive and useful.”…Linda & Keith Martin, Nottingham


The Author of this Bestselling Manual

Andrew M. Hunt - The Decking Man!The bestselling author of this title is Andrew M. Hunt, the Decking Man. He has published 8 decking manuals and has been designing and building decking projects since 1998. Andrew has designed thousands of decks, including displays at the Royal Hampton Court show, and has two great Websites displaying his work.

Today, Andrew only builds custom designed decking projects for high profile customers, but you can take advantage of his knowledge by purchasing this manual today.

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