How To Sell Your House And Save Money!

Discover Secrets of Super-Quick House Sales at Better than Market Price!

How To Sell Your House - Super Fast!When property prices are falling everywhere, streets in every town and city are littered with House for Sale boards, and every day more house owners are facing the stark reality of negative equity in their home. Once that happens, a reasonable sale can appear beyond hope and each day sees the debts mount higher.

Many people put their life savings into their home and for the past decade or so it has been the rock they could always rely on—with house prices steadily rising every year. But now, with a severe financial crisis and credit squeeze so bad even the banks are finding it tough, the falling house prices of this market recession is destroying all hope.

Every home-owner dreams that once the sale board goes up outside their property there will be a knock on the door from an enthusiastic home buyer with cash in their pocket and a request to view. This is especially true when your home is 'for sale by owner' because you can do the final negotiating.

Learn how to make a professional presentation of your home, and you will find the buyer's enthusiasm increases. You enter a short round of negotiations. Buyers leave your house with smiles on their faces as you wave them goodbye, holding a cheque to secure the sale in your hand.

A 'pipe dream' perhaps, but not if you read this amazing new eBook—How To Sell Your House Super Fast!

This book examines Real Estate Agents, Realtors, and the property markets of the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, Australia & New Zealand and shows you exactly what you need to do in order to accomplish your dreams of a Super-Quick House Sale! You are taken one step at a time through every procedure and given all the information you require in order to acheive that objective.


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  • Title: How To Sell Your House Super Fast!
  • Publisher: Power Business Publishing.
  • Author: Brian Hunt
  • Category: Non-Fiction, Home & Property
  • Edition: First Edition
  • Format: eBook, PDF
  • Price: £9.95 (Available today at only £2.95)




Some Reader's Comments

The following is a small selection of reviews of the eBook from readers worldwide:

  • Discover the Secrets to Selling your House

    “I couldn't believer it when we sold our house within the first week of putting the ideas in the eBook into action!.”…John K. Robinson, Ohio, USA

  • "We actually had two buyers bidding against each other — unbelievable!”…Mark Hughes, Manchester, UK

  • “The amount of reference material in this eBook is outstanding. We found it packed with great ideas, and read it each day until we sold the house—in 3 weeks!”…Mary and Elaine, Melbourne, Australia


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