Love Is On The Rocks!

And so is Lust, Sex, Passion, and Romance...

Love Is On The Rocks - erotic novelHandsome Bill Beckett and his beautiful wife, Joan, are unhappy living in 1950’s London and want relax in the peaceful Devon countryside.

He accepts a generous offer for the family business he inherited; a magnificent sum that will put them both on ‘easy street’ for the rest of their lives. When they travel north to Scotland on the Flying Scotsman, however, trouble awaits. Their happy marriage begins to fall apart, when he is driven by greed, sex and lust.

The well-endowed wife of a wealthy executive seduces Bill, and in retaliation, Joan finds comfort in the arms of a virile young man. Both liaisons soon turn sour and it is not only their marriage on the rocks, they find their lives turned upside down. Bill becomes a pawn for two sex-crazed harridans to squabble over, and Joan’s new lover returns to London leaving her in the evil clutches of another man.

Love is on the rocks, romance is out of the window, and sex, lust, and lovemaking consumes them all.

The erotic romance becomes an exciting thriller, when tragedy strikes hard and death is the surprise visitor ending their hectic sexual activity. Joan starts a new life as the mistress and sex-toy of the very person who brought the turmoil into her life and agrees to let him control her business, financial future and personal life.

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  • Title: Love Is On The Rocks
  • Publisher: Power Business Publishing.
  • Author: Jendai Rilbury
  • Category: Ficton—Erotica, Adult Fiction
  • Pages: 245 pages.
  • Edition: First Edition
  • Format: eBook, PDF or ePUB, Kindle
  • Price: £9.95 (Available today at only £1.25)


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Reader's Comments

The following is a small selection of reviews of the novel from readers worldwide:

  • "A beautiful romance and a gripping love story."  ...JR of Boston, USA
  • "An adult romance with affairs of the heart and titillating adventure sex."  ...CK of Miami, USA
  • "An extramarital affair set in the 1950s that was very descriptive of the era and an eye-opener regarding just how life was in that 'sedate' period."   ...RPJ of Oxford, England
  • "I discovered many new ways to seduce my man in this love affair."   ...BM of Perth, Australia
  • "I enjoyed reading how the unfaithful husband was dealt with. Great stuff!"  ...APJ of London
  • "I read how to deal with an unfaithful spouse, and make my plans accordingly; I just hope he hasn't read it!"   ...CG of Chicago, USA
  • "A most satisfying read in every way imaginable!" ...KM of Glasgow, Scotland
  • "I've never seen so many love making positions Nothing discreet about the affairs in this steamy novel of enlightened seduction."   ...PD of Capetown, South Africa
  • "This sexy novel introduced so many seduction techniques, I had to start making notes!" ...WF of Los Angeles, USA
  • "An erotic romance with sadness, secrets, despair, love, joy and fulfilment. I may change my opinion of the English!"   ...J de P of Paris, France


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