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Where to Publish for Maximum Sales...

It's a Booming Market. There are now millions of eBooks available on the Internet, and the number is growing daily, as more people self-publish their work. The market is insatiable, and the demand for eBooks is spiraling. All the leading hard-copy Websites now offer electronic versions of many books for instant download.

When a customer makes a purchase, they want the product - fast!

This is one reason why eBook sales have grown so fast. Another reason is the sales price.


Setting the Retail Price of your eBook

You will see eBooks from famous writers offered at similar prices to their hardback version, but this is not the norm. Because most eBooks available on the Internet are self-published, the author-publishers set a lower price.

If your novel is sold in hardback version by an international publisher, it will be priced in the $20 to $30 range, and your eventual royalty may be $3 to $4 a book. When you self-publish it as an eBook, your royalty can be 70% or more, and 100% from your own Websites. This means you only need ask about $4.99 for the eBook to make the same profit as you would from a $30 hardback!

People are learning fast, and they are much more sophisticated about buying eBooks on the Internet than even just a couple of years ago. They may well pay over $10 for an eBook from an established bestselling author, but they are not willing to risk that kind of money on an unknown writer. Until your books have a large following, it is better to keep the retail price in the $2.99 to $4.99 price range.

Some of the larger income earners with eBooks on the Internet, like members of the Kindle 1,000 sales a month club, usually price their eBooks for $1.99 or less. John Locke sold over 1 million eBooks in 5-months by pricing them all at just 99 cents! Other independent author/publishers are following his example.


Start With a Website

Whether you're an author who is self-publishing a small number of titles, or a publisher of dozens of titles from various authors, you need to start with a Website. This is the place where you not only display each title, but can provide larger descriptions of the content, together with suitable photos and graphics. You can also include relevant detail about the author; fans of your books want to know!

This is why most popular authors now have their own Website and/or Blog to provide biographical information as well as news of their new book publications. Both the eBook Website and the author Website should also be linked into Social Media pages on Websites like Twitter and Facebook.

The next step is to publish your eBooks with the Internet eBook giants. The best place to start this process is with Amazon Kindle. If you don't have an account, open one today — even if you don't plan to have your book ready for publication for some time. It is best to be prepared.



Then Upload Your eBook to Amazon Kindle

If you have not already done so, visit their Website and create your publishing account: Here you can sign in, or register a new account. Click here for Help on Kindle publishing.

The unencrypted .PRC file, which we showed you how to create in the previous section, is the one you will need to upload to Kindle. Your cover image for Kindle needs to be a minimum of 500px wide, a maximum of 1280px high, and have a resolution of 72dpi saved in RGB colour for the.JPG format.

You will find that Amazon Kindle has a very simple upload procedure, once you've prepared your compiled documents and a cover image. It takes a short time to upload, then Kindle does its magic in creating their format. It normally takes a day or two before your eBook appears in the Kindle online directory for sale.


Next, upload Your eBook to Mobipocket

You may have already learned how to create ePub software in the previous section, and for Mobipocket you need to encrypt the version for DRM purposes. Using the link in the free Mobipocket Creator, you click on the Deploy button and your title is uploaded to their database.

Log-in to your account on Mobipocket where you can activate the title. This will make it available to hundreds of large eBook retailers worldwide. It is as simple as that...

With your own Website(s), Amazon Kindle, and Mobipocket retailers you now have a considerable presence on the Internet. You must now support this eBook presence with active Marketing and Promotion.


Useful eBook Publishing Links

This is just a few primary links to get you started:

  • The Bookseller is a British magazine for the publishing trade and supplied on subscription to over 50,000 publishers, librarians, and book-trade employees each week. Read their Website here...
  • Publishers Weekly provides a full range of detailed publishing information with sections for reviews, bestsellers, new titles, digital publishing and much more. Visit their Website here...
  • Create Space is now part of the Amazon group, and provides a full range of publishing services for authors who wish to self-publish an eBook or a limited run of paperback or hardback books. Click here for their Website....
  • Infinity Publishing has worked with almost 5000 authors, publishing some 6000 titles since 1997. They offer a complete range of services for print on demand (POD). Check them out here....
  • Lulu Publishing is another established POD publisher. Lulu's print on demand (POD) solutions make it quick and easy to create a book in minutes. You can also create and publish eBooks. Read the info here...
  • Author House UK provide a full range of services for the author, from editing, creating, designing, and more. They also offer marketing services. Read their Website here....



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