Your eBook Marketing and Promotion Campaign

How To Find And Implement The Right Strategy To Market Your eBook With Instant Success!

The marketing strategy for your eBook is linked to the reason you decided to write it: To give copies away free, or to make money from sales of the eBook.

You want maximum exposure for your eBook in the shortest possible time, while the window of opportunity is open for you. If it is a popular non-fiction eBook, you will soon have some hot competition, so you need high volume downloads from the start.

On this page, you will find a large number of methods to market and promote your eBook. Select all those that apply to your publication, and use them!


How to be Sure that the Price is Right

Many of the new Internet-millionaires sell their eBooks at prices ranging from $49 to $249 and more, while unknown authors can often struggle to sell their eBook for only $4.99 a copy!

Marketing professionals know that eBooks, just like any other product or service, have a perceived value — this is the value that a prospect or purchaser thinks it is worth. If the purchaser considers the eBook provides needed information at a price that is less than the perceived value, they are more likely buy it.

To build up the perceived value of an eBook, the self-styled guru will add a number of additional eBooks to the deal that will be free of cost to the purchaser. The cover price of each free eBook is usually quite high, and the total value of free eBooks can be many hundred dollars.

The 'guru' will add credibility to the offer with many testimonials, and even copies of proof of income earned by using the information within the eBook. These techniques are all highly successful, and legitimate, and you have to decide whether to include them in your own strategy.

  • Step 1, therefore, is to check the e-mails in your deleted folder for sales messages for the latest big-selling eBook hit, and checkout the Website sales strategy.
  • Step 2, if you want similar success, is not to buy their eBook but replicate their marketing strategy!


Social Media Promotion Tactics

Social media is proving to be an incredible platform for new authors to promote their books or e-books. The leading social media Websites almost ensure your product instant popularity and exposure, making them the perfect place to start.

Your Blogs

Post articles about your new publishing on your blog. Start discussing your book with your readers, inviting comments and sharing ideas with them. Provide details of all updates on the same Blog. You can captivate the interest of your online readers with anecdotes that are related to your book; how you came to write it, and the problems you overcame. It can be profitable to invite other authors to post articles related to your book or e-book in your blog.


Create Fan-Pages on Facebook. These can be the perfect marketing and promoting tool for your writing on all social media Websites. You can link your eBook Blog to Facebook by using network-Blogs software. Provide information about the date of your eBook publication, and if hard copy, write about your book-signings and other related events.


It is now the norm for authors and publishers to create a book trailer video. You can use this short film to promote your book or e-book through YouTube and other major video Websites.


Use this social media, to post teasers and excerpts from your book to grab the attention of online users. You can soon build up a large list of followers, if you spend time to find the right things to say. Read the tweets from other authors, and you will soon learn what works and what techniques to avoid.



Simple Ways To Market Your eBook

The following list is by no means complete, and there are always new methods being invented or improvements of existing methods. The successful Internet marketing company has to spend considerable time and money on research and development, in order to stay ahead of the field.

  • Website: You need a dedicated Website for your eBook.
  • Banners: Banner advertising can bring big results.
  • Directories: Submit your eBook to all eBook directories.
  • Send e-mails: Use viral e-mail messages about your eBook to your lists.
  • Publishers: Many eBook publishers will market your eBook.
  • Click Adverts: You advertise on a search engine, and pay a small fee each time somebody clicks on your advert.
  • Search Engines: Submit your eBook Website to all search engines.
  • Shareware: Submit to shareware and freeware directories.
  • Front Cover: Change your front cover design and even the title, if sales are flagging.
  • Web Rings: Check the suitability of appropriate Web Rings.
  • eZine Articles: Provide free articles to eZine publishers and give links to your eBook Website.
  • Auction Websites: Auctions are a great place to sell E-Books.
  • Classified Ads: Time consuming and often ineffective, but worth a try.
  • eZine Adverts: Advertise your eBook in appropriate magazines.
  • Blogs: Discussion boards and Blogs can produce heavy traffic.
  • Joint Ventures: Team up with other businesses to offer your eBook.
  • Press Release: Good publicity is an effective method to promote eBooks.
  • Affiliate Sales: Recruit sales people to market your eBook, or join an Affiliate program.
  • Free Incentive: Give your eBook as a marketing incentive, and allow other businesses to freely distribute it on their Website and to their network.
  • Viral Marketing: Use other people's efforts and contacts.
  • Solo Adverts: Your sales message is the only subject of an e-mail sent to a reputable business with a large subscriber list.
  • Sell the Rights: You can sell various Rights & Branding to your eBook.
  • Testimonials: Give free copies of the eBook and request testimonials.
  • Podcast: Create a Podcast about your new eBook.
  • Reviews: Get your eBook reviewed by book critics.