How To Review Your eBook: Is Your eBook Readable And Is There Latent Consumer Demand For The Information It Contains?

Getting a Review from a Critic

The value and sales of your eBook can increase tremendously with a good review from a reputable source or critic. The higher the credibility of the critic, and the more reviews you obtain, then the greater your eBook sales.

Book reviewers receive hundreds of books to review, and for your publication to receive the attention you feel it deserves, you must follow the right procedure.

The vast majority of book reviewers for newspapers, magazines, and leading Websites, will not accept an eBook via e-mail. So, how can you obtain a review?


Test Your Market

When you open a book, in the initial pages you can read details of the number of different imprints and versions of that publication. This not only gives you an idea of its popularity, but also its publication history.

A fiction book may have an initial run of 5,000 to 10,000 copies, and if it's a hit, there can be many subsequent imprints. It's the same for nonfiction, but in this case you often see the book has been edited, improved, and updated.

When your book is finished, and by that I mean edited, proofed, re-written, and totally prepared for publication, you can compile and publish your initial eBook.

You then upload this to a dedicated Website and it's published!

Now you can test the market for your eBook with the only people who really matter - your readers. Check the marketing page for further information on this topic.



The Quick And Easy Review

Once your eBook is available online for download, you can write to all the people who you feel are likely to review an eBook of that genre. Don't make the mistake of writing to the wrong person or organisation, because you will also find your name blacklisted for wasting time. Ask somebody with some knowledge and expertise in the subject of your eBook.

It is also a good ideas to research the Internet for Websites containing information similar to your subject matter, when you're publishing non-fiction. If you have written a book on the advantages of wallpaper in home-decoration, you could look for Websites about wallpaper. Manufactures, distributors, wholesalers, and perhaps major retailers may be interested in reviewing your book.

You need to include the following information in your e-mail message:

  • The Title of your eBook
  • The Download URL and file size
  • A precise summary of the content
  • The size of your eBook: Words, Pages
  • Summary of graphics and images used
  • The compiled format: PDF or EXE
  • A brief bio of yourself
  • Your credentials for writing the eBook
  • Details of other publications
  • The Webpage URL for any Testimonials or Press Clippings
  • Your complete contact details.

Your reviewer is a busy person, so do not clutter your e-mail message with a lot of superfluous writing — it's too easy to hit 'delete'.


Your Media Kit

The professional book and eBook reviewer, and the media, will not accept the above approach. You are going to have to spend some time and money, if you want a review from this section of the book world. It will be time and money well spent, of course, because one favourable review from such a credible source can rocket sales!

Your eBook Media Kit must be an eye catching, expert presentation of your eBook and where available it will include all of the following:

  • A printed copy of your eBook. This will mean going to a local printer and discussing a suitable print run. The upside of this investment, apart from increasing the chances of a favourable review, is that you can offer a print version for sale on your Website
  • Your Sales Letter. What you say in the letter will go a long way to having the rest of your media kit examined
  • An Info Page. A single page with the full details of your book, including
       The Title of your Book and the Author
       Number of Words and Pages
       ISBN number
       Publication date
       A brief synopsis of the book
       Short bio of the author
       Summary of other reviews
       The publisher's details
       Your full contact details
       Download URL of the eBook
  • Keep copies of any Testimonials and Reviews for the eBook
  • Good copies of any Press articles regarding the eBook
  • A professional Press Release
  • A detailed biography of the author, including credentials for writing the book
  • A SAE with a request for a copy of the Review.

And you thought writing the book was hard! Successful eBook writers have to put an equal amount of effort into marketing and publicising their work — or hire a reputable organisation to do it on their behalf.



Free Assessment

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