Social Media Marketing For Small Business

How to Plan, Design, Evaluate, Market and Manage your Social Media!

There are over 16 Social Media Networks online with more than 100 million active users; from LinkedIn to Facebook, which has over 750 million active accounts. The first thing you must do, when starting a social media campaign, is to open an account with each of these leading Websites. You can check the updated list at Wikipedia if you click here.

It is important to use the same business or brand name, logo, and username on all Websites. When you use different ones, you dilute your message and confuse your visitors.

You will note that all social media Websites are interactive, allowing visitors to upload comments, information, photos and images, videos, Website links and much more. This provides a vital sense of community for the visitors.

Visitors who contribute to your social media pages anticipate receiving something of value in return. This may be a comment from your moderator, or the provision of further information on the same theme.

You will soon learn that people are motivated by a fast and direct response to their communications. They also appreciate recognition for the value of the input. When you provide a suitable response and give recognition, you set off a chain of actions:

  • Those visitors will be motivated to provide further communication in the future
  • It gives your and your social media content more credibility
  • In turn, this encourages those visitors to take note of your adverts and product recommendations
  • They are also very likely to recommend your pages to their friends
  • They will use the inbuilt social media tools on each Website to pass on their approval of your content


Social Media Software

You can become active in social media networking very fast, because you don't have to build your own Website from scratch. There are masses of specific tools you can use and adapt to your own theme, making it possible to have your first Website up and running in just one day!

Social media networking is attractive for people who like to share interests and activities with like-minded people. People also like to read about others who have similar interests, and will follow their activities across the Internet. You will find that social network services provide a variety of ways for users to interact, such as e-mail, blogging, instant messaging, photo sharing and gaming services.

This makes it imperative that your social Website pages make available the requisite tools for visitors to use with the multitude of functions now available. The following link to InstantShift has a list of all the vital tools you may need, from blogs and wikis, to video, image, and link tools; from Forum tools to Instant Messaging, and much more! Click here for access



Social Media Budgets for Small Companies

When you operate a small businesses you will have a limited budget for marketing in sectors that do not immediately generate revenue and profits. This often means that unless you show immediate sales when engaging on social websites, you fail to see their benefit. Your business became successful from being careful with finances and only investing on services and people that bring immediate results.

You cannot make a big investment in social media and exptect to immediately get a lot of fans.  It takes time to socialize in online as it does in person, and so immediate returns in social activities are hard to attain. When you participate in social media, you must expect it to take time and effort to develop a loyal following. You must have a long-term approach to the media from the outset, and recruit somebody with experience in social networking to head your development.

If you are a small businesses with a local base with a regional customer base, it's important to connect with people in that geographic area. Don't waste time creating a global network, when you provide a local service. When you target your social media communications to a specific area, or a regional keyword set, you are more likely to interact with targeted leads. 

Another vital reason for engaging in social media contributions, is that the major search engines now give links to your Website from leading social media networks higher ranking, giving you a massive SEO boost in one swoop.


Your Customers use Social Media

The numbers are growing even as your read these words! Thousands of millions of Internet users contribute to social media almost daily, and you can just about guarantee that most of your customers are among them. This is why has now become imperative for every Internet business to be active in social media.

It is reported, for example, that some 96% of Americans use Facebook, 82% of 18-29 year old people contribute to social media, 48% of consumers use social media as part of the buying proces, and many more statistics can be read at socialmediatoday.

There are some 152 million Blogs, and 175 million people on Twitter at the end of 2010, according to PingDom, with over 25 billion tweets made in the same year.

If you want credibility with your customers, and to increase your sales conversion rates, one of the best things you can do is to create and maintain active social media contributions with the major social media networks.


Social Media Marketing

Most social media marketing programs maximise their efforts on the creation of content to attract and encourage readers to share it within their social networks. When your business message is seen as coming from a trusted, third-party source, rather than from your company itself., it can spread from user to user, becoming viral in the process.

Social media is now providing Increased communication for your business, helps to foster brand awareness, and can also supply realtime customer service, because it is an easily accessible media to anybody with Internet access. Networks like Twitter are simple to join and participate in with regular tweets, and is being used by people from all walks of life:

  • Entertainment industry, from leading stars to complete newbies
  • Every politician seeking re-election has an active presence to spread the message
  • Sports people are using to to celebrate success, explain failures, and provide news of future events
  • In the Education sector, Facebook was originally the platfrom for students, but is now used worldwide
  • Business people find jobs, head-hunt employees, and promote products and services

You will find that most social media provides and inexpensive platform to implement your marketing campaigns.


Useful Social Media Links

  • GoogleApps for Business Websites, e-mails, documents and much more
  • Wordpress for Blogs and Social Media Website templates
  • Wikipedia for a complete list of Social Media Websites
  • UserVoice to track and manage all feedback from Website visitors and customers
  • InstantShift for links to all your Social Media Networking tools
  • Monitter for a service to monitor your Twitter comments
  • YouTube to upload Promoted Videos