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How to Upload your Movies and Videos to Leading Websites

Digital video cameras have been around for many years, and today, many mobile cell phones have video capabilities. To create a professional looking video for the Internet, you need a camera with high resolution, and a stand so that your movie does not shake and shudder. The in-built video camera that comes with most laptop and notebook computers is sufficient to take a head-shot clip that you may wish to include within a PowerPoint presentation, which you convert to a movie.

Video editing software is the perfect way to compile all of your videos and photos, edit professional home videos and publish the finished movie online. Modern computers often are supplied with free or demo versions of video editing software, but there is a great range of low-cost software available online. You will find some of the most popular available below, click on each image for more information:


Adobe Premiere Elements   Sony Movie Studio   Power Director   Nero MultiMedia   Pinnacle Movie Camtasia



Get Paid for your Videos

There are an increasing number of Websites on the Internet that enable video makers to upload a video and get paid, when visitors view the movie and click on an advert. Leading authors are getting paid tens of thousands of dollars a month, so visit these Websites today:

  • Visit Revver and see how it works.
  • A popular video upload Website is Break
  • Upload social network videos to Ziddu
  • You can sell images, videos, and graphic files at Video Hive
  • Letit Bit has a partnership program where you earn money!

You can make a considerable income from creating various videos along a popular theme and then uploading them to Websites such as the ones listed above. They do not have to be long movies, anything from 1 or 2 minutes up to about 4-minutes seems to be the most popular range.

First, decide upon your niche subject—one that you are familiar with and know well. Then write your script, add the images and video clips, and merge into one movie. Edit this video, using software such as illustrated above, and when you are satisfied, you can upload it to selected Websites and start making money!



Add Video to your Product Pages

There is one very good reason for you to add a video to your product pages on your Websites. That reason is product videos sell products! What is interesting is that both the visitors who view the video and those who visit the same page but elect not to view the video are converting to sales at higher rations than viewers to a similar product page, but without the product video.

There is no doubt about it, a product video on your Website increases your credibility with visitors, who think that if you have made the investment in a video, you are likely to provide better customer care. A video can also increase consumer confidence.

You may think it better to provide a link on the page to your video, rather than embedding it within the HTML, but research has shown you get twice the video views when it is embedded. It is also a good idea to embed the video above the fold, because your visitors respond to a good movie clip of your product, and you want them to see it the moment your page loads in their Website browser.



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