How To Use Modern Website Technology To Inform And Persuade Your Visitors

Is it a Gimmick, or a Tool?

Before you commission a costly Flash presentation, or an amazing video of your product range for your Website, you must first ask yourself if it is going to increase the results you expect and require.

How many Websites have you visited have a fancy Flash intro page that you have actually watched; or do you frustratingly click on 'Skip Intro' to get into the main pages?

If you have a broadband connection, a powerful computer, and the time to watch, then you will be greatly entertained by the lengthy presentation. You will also no doubt have been given a great deal of information, but are you more likely to be persuaded?

There are no reliable figures yet available that proves using hi-tech features like Flash, streaming video, audio clips, and all the other new methods to make a sales presentation actually increase the response rate. One thing the experts are certain of: The use of Flash on the Internet is decreasing.

New technology works, at a price, and you have to decide if it is worth that cost.  The links below provide short examples:

Click to Play a Flash demo

Click to Play a Flash Clock


Video Messages Can Work

Where video is very successful in selling products, is when you use it for credible testimonials from people who provide contact information. When your visitors see and hear from a customer who has purchased and used your product, it provides massive credibility.

In fact, a message from a happy and satisfied customer can improve response rates by 200% (according the research from Entrepreneur Magazine).

Video is also used to illustrate and describe new products. At we publish many videos to introduce a product, such as the one below:


You will find authors creating video clips to sell their latest books and eBooks, inventors publish videos about their latest creation, hoping to find a manufacturer, and entertainers, politicians, and others are jumping on the surge in video popularity to spread their message!

On our Website, we use videos to describe the various decking manuals available for visitors to purchase. The sales ration increased by over 30% with a video, compared to previously. As with all marketing, you must test, test, and test again before you can be certain.



Audio Clips

Research tells us that people take 25% longer to read from a screen compared to reading hard copy, while 33% of people find it difficult to learn from reading about a subject and much prefer to be told about it.

Another interesting fact is that when you support your Webpage with audio clips that speak aloud and emphasize your vital issues, your visitor’s memory retention increases by some 50% or more.

Now that you have read the above two paragraphs, click below to hear it spoken:



Other Types of Interaction

Your Website page may include a form for your visitors to complete in order to access additional features or downloads; a voting box, where the visitors can select an option on a popular topic; and of course the ability to comment on a particular page or article. This latter is seen most commonly on blogging Website pages, where the Website publishes articles of interest on a regular basis, and their readers comment upon it.

Social network Websites are perhaps the best example of interactivity, because they offer a broad spectrum of actions a visitor can take on each page. They can visit pages of their friends, and see what they're doing, they can invite friends to visit their page, and they can upload photos, send messages, and a whole lot more.

These interactive features are what helped go from a $1000 start-up by a college student to a multi-billion dollar Website in just a few years! It's the way to go...



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